Saturday, September 26, 2009

Abigail's latest poem

Back to school night was last Thursday. This is the poem that Abigail displayed about herself:

A - always there for you
B - brings surprises where ever I go
I - I love my family
G - going to my Grandma's farm is one of my favorite things to do
A - alligators give me the creeps
I - I love to read
L - love is what I do with my family

Isn't she creative? (she told me to write that)


bettysue said...

Yahoo!!! That was great! Abigail wrote it by herself, huh! Way to go girl!! Coming to Grandma's is one of my favorite things too!! Hurry up, come back!

James Arrington said...

Yes, Abby, you are VERY creative !

Please tell my friend Miss Mikaela I said hello.

Miss y'all !